As you prepare for the closing table, you will have a lot on your mind don’t worry! We have put together some helpful links and tips for you during this time.

What You Can Take

As you prepare to move out of your current house and onto your next adventure, the question “what can you take with you” often arises. There are limits to what you, as a seller, can take from the house you are leaving. The general rule is if it needs a tool to remove it, then it stays with the house.

Your Realtor can help answer any specific or unique instances of whether something can stay or go, but unless it was stated in the purchase offer that it will go with you, then it stays with the house.

Here are some examples of things that would stay with the house when you leave:

  • Landscape and yard decorations: If you want a specific decoration or plant to go with you, you either need to state it on your listing or remove it before your house officially goes on the market. Otherwise, anything that needs to be dug up or is part of a landscape feature needs to stay behind.
  • Curtains and window dressings: The curtain and other window dressing are part of the house and need to remain when you leave unless specified or removed before putting your home on the market.
  • TV Mounts: Television wall mounts and other attached lighting fixtures (like chandeliers) are a part of the house and stay behind. While not required, it is customary to remove the wall mount portion from the back of your TV as well for the new homeowner.

Don’t Forget Your Documents!

With so much going on, don’t lose sight of the important documents you will need after you leave the house. This includes:

  • The Purchase Agreement and any amendments or riders. You will want to keep these at least until the following tax season.
  • Any receipts of home improvements. As long as the improvements were made while you still lived in the house, you can use these come tax time.
  • Other documents from the selling process. It may be beneficial to keep your Seller’s Disclosure and other paperwork you filled out during the marketing and sale of your home. It never hurts!

Change of Address Notice

You don’t want to forget this one! File your change of address with the Post Office. You can complete this information up to 30 days prior to moving, but you’ll need to do this to receive any forwarded mail. Learn more here!

Turn off Your Utilities

Before you leave, you want to make sure that all utilities are turned off – or at least – no longer in your name. Contact your local electric and water company to make sure everything is in order. If you are moving to a new home, don’t forget to turn on the utilities there!

Visit here for a comprehensive guide of the companies you should get in touch with and their contact information.

What is Your Next Step?

If you are moving out of the area, we have a lot of resources to help with your transition, including full-time members of our Relocation Department. We will guide you through the steps you will need to take as you prepare for this life change.

If you want to rent while you look for a new home, we have a full-service Property Management Department. Team members can help you connect with a traditional apartment or even a home they may have available. Give us a call at 563-441-5231.

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